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Plazminio pjovimo staklės


ECKERT Company is one of the European leader in production of CNC cutting machines designed for shape cutting. The Company is based on stability and responsibility for the last 18 years. ECKERT Company employs 100 specialists including 20 construction engineers, electronic engineers and IT specialists. Our advantages are: perfect quality, professional consultancy, high class training and express service. We are a company with rich experience and numerous achievements.

The Eckert Company has installed almost 700 systems for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting in the national industry and in the European countries. The group of our satisfied Clients includes among others: Daimler Chrysler Rail Systems, Rolls-Royce, Becker Warkop, Manesmann - Siegen, Siemens - Chemnitz, GEA, Metall- und Kunstsofftechnik Meuselwitz GmbH, Klinkenberg Zaanstad BV, Wismut GmbH, AS-Alukon GmbH, DECKER, Reckwardt Metalbau, H. Cegielski, Tagor, BAT Continental b.v., Ovako Wire b.v.

Making efforts to meet needs of the modern industry, the ECKERT team developed the most modern design of the cutting machines, which ensures high precision cutting, close to the laser cutting quality. Near 20 years experience in construction of cutting machines, let us create a devices, which thanks to its design, high precision drives as well as the control system fulfils requirements of the precise cutting technology.

Profesional ECKERT machines equipped with the most precise technology of plasma cutting HD (High Definition - with HiFocus plasma device made by Kjellberg Company or HPR plasma device made by Hypertherm Company. Equipped with modern, dual CNC control system with two Intel processors connected with common terminal, which ensure the highest technical parameters, high speed, precision and dynamics at changes of the direction and speed.

There is possibility to equip the machine with:

  • oxy-fuel torch
  • drilling system
  • punch center system
  • plasma marking system
  • pipe cutting system
  • fume extractor system

The high efficiency cutting machine with high dynamic parameters and integrated material table including the fume extraction system.

The JANTAR series devices are equipped with longitudinal dual drive. The drive system consists of the AC motor, planetary gear with resolvers and toothed wheel. Free of backlashing operation of the device is also ensured by spring pressing of the toothed wheel to the toothed bar. Adequate size of the guiding carriages as well as grinded track.

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