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RoboCell – Robotised Bending Cell

RoboCell is LVD’s new automated robot bending cell offering flexible and affordable mid-level bending automation for your workshop.

RoboCell combines an LVD press brake, multi-axis Kuka robot and LVD CADMAN® software technology to provide an integrated automatic bending solution. RoboCell can be based upon either a PPEB or Easy-Form® Series LVD press brake.

RoboCell key features:

  • Proven Technology – RoboCell utilises LVD’s extensive ‘Intelligent’ bending database press brake technology and Kuka’s industry proven robot technology.
  • Intuitive – RoboCell uses LVD’s new CADMAN® Touch CNC control which provides a totally new and intuitive user inter­face minimizing input to the control.
  • Fast ‘Art to Part’ – All press brake and robot programs are generated offline by LVD’s integrated CADMAN–B 3D (Robot) and Kuka Sim software simplifying the ‘Art to Part’ process.
  • Flexible – The LVD press brake within the RoboCell can be used with or without the robot. Making even single piece production feasible. RoboCell is even flexible enough to allow the operator to ‘prove’ the first part by hand and with the press of a button switch to ‘Robotised Bending’ mode.
  • Designed for Automation and Manual use – RoboCell has been designed to allow both automatic and manual operation of the press brake with a full 2.0 meters of space between the press brake and the robot. Also the press brake’s working height has been maintained at a normal height for enhanced operator ergonomics.
  • Easy-Form® Laser – RoboCell is available with either LVD’s PPEB or Easy-Form® Series press brakes. The Easy-Form® Laser integrated adaptive forming system is standard on the Easy-Form® Series monitors and corrects in ‘real-time’ the bending angle of the component ‘in process’, compensating for all variations in material thickness, tensile strength and grain direction. With Easy-Form® Laser, components will be perfect from the first to the last part.
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