PPRM Series



The PPRM is a 35-ton machine with a working length of 1250 mm (49.2”). The machine’s high production capacity is attributed to a simple working principle. The press brake ram is supported by springs and uses two single-acting hydraulic cylinders. Each hydraulic cylinder is directly connected with a hydraulic pump driven by a servomotor. There are no switching valves in the hydraulic circuit and no lapsed time in the ram cycle because of mechanical movement of the valves. The result is higher production rates and greater machine reliability.

The PPRM features a 100 mm (3.9”) throat allowing access to both ends of the ram and bed for tool loading. The machine provides an open height of 385 mm (15.1”), ram stroke of 185 mm (7.3”), backgauge X-axis travel of 500 mm (19.7”) and R-axis travel of 200 mm (7.8”).

The press brake is equipped with LVD’s easy-to-use CADMAN® Express CNC control, a Windows® based system with a user-friendly interface for all levels of programming experience. CADMAN® Express makes bending easy with a number of automatic features, including automatic calculation of bend allowance, automatic selection of tools based on material thickness, and automatic calculation of lower dead point (Y-stroke). It features graphical representation of tools, program overview in editor mode and in production mode, graphical representation of tools and backgauge in production mode, and an easy method for angle and bend allowance compensation.