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LVD provides a full range of standard press brake tooling to accommodate machines from 400 to 3200 kN (40 to 360 tons). A variety of single, multiple and adjustable V-dies are also available.

Our exclusive STONE® radius (LVD patented) V-dies assure accurate bend angles along the entire bend length. This tooling is produced with a progressive radius on both sides of the V-opening, allowing the material to flow into the die more evenly and with less drag. This unique design reduces the friction between the material and the die.

A full range of vertical removable tooling is also available. This style facilitates quick and easy tool changes for enhanced flexibility and productivity. Single tools or complete tooling sets are available.

LVD offers specialized tooling to accommodate press brakes over 3200 kN (360 tons). Designed to withstand extremely high forces, this tooling provides reliable performance and long life under rugged production conditions.

LVD has developed specialized tooling for many custom applications. Contact your representative for information on how we can meet your application needs.

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