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'Autoload' Load-Unload System


Automatic load/unload devices reduce manual worksheet handling time as much as 80%, improve productivity and allow unmanned operation. V-Series CNC turret punch presses can be equipped with an automatic material handling system to reduce manual worksheet handling and provide fast, efficient processing of materials up to 3,5 mm (0.135").

The space-saving design loads and unloads from the same side of the turret punch press. Double sheet detection prevents loading of more than one sheet at a time. Sheet separation devices effectively separate sheets for automatic loading and can be used with ferrous or non-ferrous materials. A bin-sort device is optional.

  • Can reduce 'Manual' handling times by up to 80%
  • Increase throughput and allow unmanned production
  • Available for S-Series and V-Series CNC Punch Presses
  • Can be factory or retrofitted
  • Accommodates sheets up to 1524 mm x 3048 mm (60" x 120")
  • More compact than comparable material handling systems
  • Features full brush table configuration to reduce noise and part scratching
  • Handles delicate part nests
  • Provides optional automatic alarm and job paging devices to alert operator of system malfunctions, facilitating "lights out" operation

'Pick-Sort' Material and Part Handling System


The Pick-Sort material handling system transforms a V-Series CNC turret punch press into a freestanding, lights-out punching production cell. Machine and robot are integrated to maximize punch press productivity.

The Pick-Sort robotic system loads full size sheets and automatically retrieves and stacks individual punched parts with dimensions up to 1524 x 3048 mm (60" x 120"). An offload system removes and stacks skeletal frames or nested sheets.

  • Transforms a V-Series CNC Turret punch press into a 'Lights Out' punching production cell
  • Automatically Load, Pick and Sort sheet and components
  • Maximises machine throughput
  • Automatically process sheets up to 1524 mm x 3048 mm (60" x 120")
  • Unloads and stacks finished part dimensions as small as 150 x 400 mm (5.9" x 15.7")
  • Robotic stacking robot ensures superior part stacking over competitive systems
  • Handles a maximum workpiece weight of 110 kg (242 lbs.)
  • Provides high integration and control of process data
  • Flexible 'Configurable' material handling options
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